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Your journey into realm of the financial prosperity begins with an Investment of just NGN2,000 deposit.

All payments are made to your account Weekly.
Minimum investment is NGN2,000 and Maximum investment is NGN50,000.



TraderMoni is a peer to peer lending program that aims to provide financial assistance to every traders and customers in all works of life, as long as you indulge in buying and selling of products or services you are qualify to participate. These include hairdressers, meat sellers, tomato sellers, online entrepreneurs, civil servants, corp members, artisans, housewives and others whose business is ineligible for regular bank loans.

TraderMoni is not a bank and does not collect your money.

This is a community where people help each other through crowdfunding system.

TraderMoni gives you a technical platform which helps millions of its members across the country to connect those who NEED help with those who are willing to PROVIDE help, for FREE. All funds you transfer to another member represent help you provide of your own good will.  

TRADERMONI Program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financially buoyant. The platform was born out of the tight financial condition of many Nigerians and the economic frustration of the country is at its peak with unemployment rate rises to 23.1%, leaving 20.9 Million Nigerians jobless alongside 86.9 million Nigerians now living in extreme poverty, this figure represents nearly 50% of its estimated 200 million population. As Nigeria faces a major population boom — it will become the world's third largest country by 2050 — therefore Crowdfunding platforms like TraderMoni will likely be the primary form of survival for the masses. In other words, it is time the masses change their orientation and begin to help themselves via #TraderMoni.  

#TraderMoni is here to pay keen attention to the welfare of the average Nigerian and the economy at the base of the financial scheme and there is no political undertone to the project as referred to by few people.

All funds are transfered between participants

All the money is in the bank accounts belonging to the members only! The members transfer funds to each other directly, without intermediaries! (What are intermediaries for?  In fact, TraderMoni only regulates the process — and nothing else.

TraderMoni is secure

TraderMoni is security conscious and continues to employ the best security standard/s to protect your data and accounts from hackers.

Our Vision

Continuity of wealth distribution for a long period of time among faithful and trusted investors

 Our Mission

To bring back trust, reliability and sustainability to online investment society at large.


If you are completely confident and certain of your actions and have made up your mind to join the community, we kindly ask you to carefully study all warnings and instructions first. Should you have any questions regarding the topic, our online consultants are willing to help and answer all of your questions.

Ensure u read How TraderMoni Works before participating. We look forward to creating a fair financial society with you.





 There are many ways to get TraderMoni referrals and we’ll explore some few in this.


 1. One on One Approach: This involves going to meet persons you know and encouraging them to join TraderMoni.net. This usually word of mouth to convince others to join the platform using your referral link. It usually involves explaining in details how the platform works. This method is more tedious but it’s more effective.

2. Facebook/Whatsapp Groups: You can create a Whatsapp group and invite at least 10 prospects to join your structure using your referral link and be added to your group, or you can write some well composed article and post it in active group or forum. This will arouse the interest of members and ask you questions. Answering those questions will lead to registration of new members using your MarketMoni.net referral link.

3. Promote TraderMoni.net: if you are not shy about been linked with MarketMoni.net then you should promote MarketMoni.net for your followers. You can use MarketMoni Pictures as your Whatsapp display pictures, link your Facebook account with your TraderMoni.net account and share a post of your Testimony on your Facebook wall and even tweet about it. This way people will ask you questions and you’ll answer them and might register some new users with your referral link and MarketMoni.net will also pay you a robust system bonus for your promotion. You can always withdraw your Cumulative System Bonus at the end of every 5th

Now you understand TraderMoni.net referral bonus, how it works and you can possibly get some referral bonus. You can try out the tips above and if you have more tips please don’t hesitate to share via your comment below.